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A Life Changing Story (Part 1)

“Hello I heard someone say, in a funny tone.
I turned around to see a large teddy, floating in someone’s arms.
Jayden?! I smiled, astonished.
He stepped to the side and I got to see that familiar, amazing face. He moved the teddy in front of me and grinned.
For you, especially.
Really? He was so damn sweet

I hadn't seen him in a couple of months, and I was so happy to have the privilege of having someone in my life that would treat me like this all the time. He really cared about people’s happiness, and the respect for girls.
Really, really? I laughed.
Yeah, but… if you REALLY wanted it... You’d have to get it first.” He winked at me, and held the soft toy high up in the air.

It never helped that I was a year older than him, and yet he was way taller than me. He playfully teased me, still waving the teddy in the air, above.
PLEASE! I jumped back and forth reaching as far as I could, still laughing a lot.
GIMME GIMME GIMME! I stopped jumping for a second, and Jayden stopped smirking.
I gave him puppy dog eyes and he gave in.
But he tended to kiss me right before he gave me the bear.
And could you imagine what his kisses felt like?

If he didn’t ever kiss me like that, the way he always does.. I don't know what I would do.
It would just feel like he doesn’t love me. I have no idea how just two lips touching each other can make you feel that love that another brings to you.
He hugged me amoursly, and tended to squeeze me.
I bit my lip.
I could tell he missed me.
“You missed me, didn’t you?” I quickly spoke. Still hugging.
He let go, leaving me less warm.

He stared in my eyes. “I missed you more than anything, baby.” His sweet voice made a shiver go up my spine.
I felt weak.I missed you more. I smirked and he frowned.I missed you most He picked me up, and held me from the ground. Teasing, pretending to drop me.
The sun shone in my face, as he spun me around in circles.
We were at the park, not many people. But some.
He slowly put me down, and held my hand.

We walked on.
Did you have fun at Europe? I asked, normally speaking.
“It was alright, I guess.
You guess?” I frowned, confused. Who would dislike going to a beautiful place like Europe?
Just some stupid stuff happened. No biggie just wasn't such a holiday mum and I were expecting.
I stopped walking and looked at his face. He wasn't as happy as he was once he saw me earlier.
What's wrong Jayden? He played with my fingers, biting his lip.
“I can't tell you. It's too much.
I was worried, but I still seemed to keep on smiling.
Please. Tell me. I love you?” I bit my lip, trying to look innocent.
"We might have to go there soon, for a very long time, Mon."
My heart dropped. So did my damn facial expression.
I closed my eyes, and sat on the dirty path. He sat down alongside me.
"Mon, we can make it through this."
I turned my head to the other side.
“Look, no we can't.- I got up and patted off the back of my shorts.
Jayden. Do you know how sick and alone I was when you weren't here?
He looked at me, feeling sorry.
Before I could finish raging, he jumped up and just cuddled me to a tree.
I never wanted to hurt you, baby. He kissed me on the cheek, and held my hand, tightly.
My eyes watered.

I hated more than anything not having him around. He was the one who always would listen, who would always give me proper advice and tell me jokes to make laugh on days I don't even feel like laughing.

“Please don’t leave me.” I choked on my words, digging my head in his chest, bring back the cuddle.
“I'm sorry.

The next week, I woke up from the sun beaming on my face.
I smelt pancakes the second I woke up.
I jumped out of bed, and ran straight to the kitchen.
There sat several pancakes, with apple on the top piled up on a plate along with my forty year old dad smiling hysterically whilst flipping the fryer.
"YUM.” I yelled, to catch his attention.
He turned around and smiled even bigger.
"Just for me and you, bud."

I love my Dad, he would always come home when he could. And when he didn't, I was obviously alone. If Jayden was in Europe.
Dad would always ask for extra shifts so he could finish them in all one lot and finish earlier to come see me.
He worked so hard, across the globe.
And it hurt for me to not have at least one person with me throughout each and everyday.

My Daddy and Jayden were my favourite two people in the whole wide world. They gave me everything I wanted - everything I wished for. But the problem was, if I wanted something as special as them, then I would have to just be patient. Someday I just couldn't handle being by myself, just hanging with food and TV. I just couldn't.
So I would have a little tantrum and cry myself to sleep.
I even have to take tablets to heal my stress over handling everything of my own, the house and hard senior school work.

"Have you heard from Jayden yet, bud?" He hummed a little tune, and kept on flipping more and more pancakes at a time.
Whenever I heard a sentence like that, about Jayden I just didn’t want to speak.
I hated him leaving me. So bad.
"Hum, I spoke to him on the phone last night."
"That's all to it, really."
He faced me, knowing. That wasn't it.
There was something much more.
“What is it, Moni?"
I groaned. He can’t see me anytime before he leaves for four months.
My mind just remembered, Dad probably only asked that question because I had makeup smudged over my face due to all the crying I did on the phone with Jayden last night.
It was that bad, Jayden quickly came over and cuddled me to sleep.
"When is he leaving, and why?"
"He's leaving in a few weeks. Because he needs to visit family outta state."  HE CAN'T EVEN MAKE IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!
I closed my eyes, pressuring myself not to cry.
I leaned my head on the back of the kitchen wall, biting my lip, attempting to stop it from quivering.
After a few seconds, I couldn't take it, and ran upstairs, to my room.
I hugged the teddy Jayden gave me from last week and laid in bed, blanket on top of my head.
He told me, whenever he's not with me, pretend he is the teddy bear.
I don't know why, I think he was just trying to make me feel better but I can smell him on it.

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