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couple-pink_177_01Forget my dream girl, Jenny is real.

I met Jenny through Facebook, we were both 15 at the time. So one day I randomly decided to say, "Hey" and proceeded to talk with her. Once we got to know each other a little more we decided to have our first date at an Ice-cream shop. Our date went tremendously well and we both felt a strong connection. A first date could not have gone better as we both could not stop smiling. It sounds overused or bogus but it was love at first sight. I know, because of that feeling I had never felt before.

Over a certain time period we became friends and would always make time for each other. We got to know each other very well and decided we were more than friends as we had fallen for each other.

I did and do everything for her even if it means, running miles in the rain to go see her, dedicating my track race to her (in which I ran my best time/race), getting attacked by a drunk man after dark on my way home from her place, countless drawings for her, writing "I love you" on a piece of cardboard, love notes, being courteous (opening every door and letting her always go in first, paying for every meal, being nice and listening to her), telling my mother and sister that I love her, coming to my mother and family for help as I was new to this, learning to be patient, cutting my long hair into something more "grown-up", changing my courses in school to something more rigorous as she plans to go to a good college, promising her that I will wait for her after college as she is a grade below me and then following her to wherever she wants to go, giving her a promise ring in which I promised her a life full of happiness, Kids, loving husband and the best life possible with me.

Even with Jenny having a strict grandmother as a guardian who would not let Jenny be with me alone at all, only letting us be together at her home with her grandmother keeping an eye on us the whole time or having Jenny's younger brother do that as well, a younger brother who would say racist remarks because of my nationality. Then her grandmother not letting me come over to her place anymore because Jenny and I had "gotten too close". Which made me come over to talk to her grandmother and fight for the right to see each other. Ending with her stubborn grandmother (who only believes what she wants to believe saying she did not want Jenny dating. Even after still giving her grandmother a vase full of flowers for her birthday, and buying a video game and giving 40 dollars for her brother. We still stuck together through it all.

I did this all for Jenny because she gave more than I could ask for and I try to repay her back any way possible. What did she give me? She gave me life, a future, a plan, somebody to love, someone who loves me for who I am, the happiest person ever, an understanding of what "dedication" meant, a heart, a best friend, acceptance of my ring, a bracelet being her version of my ring to her and a promise to me saying that she will always be with me.

She's everything I could've asked for as we share everything (I mean everything!) in common, we finish each others' sentences, are basically the same person and actually serve as role models to other couples. We try to see each other through the only time we have and make the most out of it. She's an amazing person and I make her feel that way every single day. I'm blessed and am thankful for having someone so "out of this world" comes into mine.

We plan on moving together when she turns 18 (she wear's #18 for field hockey because of that). We both can't wait and are looking forward to life together so we can finally live happily ever after.

We may be young, but we do know what love is. Who said it had an age limit?




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Poster: Brandi; rating:*****
October 24, 2011

Keep these articles coming as they've oenped many new doors for me.
Poster: Sahim; rating:*****
August 25, 2012

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