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What Is Love?

love_calc_100Love is one of the strongest emotions known to people, along with fear, anger and happiness. Many people even consider love the most intense out of all of them. After all, they say “Love Conquers All” for a reason.

Generally speaking, love is no different than all the other feelings, but it’s the most difficult to control and manage. You see, once you can control your emotions you are in charge of your life, nothing in the outside world can make you lose your cool. But love is a trickiest one ever, because it is so hard to resist, very often people let their guards down and decide to go with a flow. It’s really tempting to let yourself fall in love and experience this feeling of bliss and balance, content, joy. My friend calls it “fuzzy feeling”. Love is beautiful. But what if it’s not mutual?

You sure heard the expression “Feelings change”. And definitely know the other one - “There is a fine line between love and hate”. What we are trying to say here that from the beginning it’s hard to tell if that other person deserves our trust so you are sort of taking your chances here.

It might work, it might not. You can be on cloud nine or you can walk away with a broken heart. It’s 50-50. Is it worth it? Yes it is. Because if you choose to play it safe and walk away, you’d be asking yourself if it was the biggest mistake you ever made in your life. You never know, so don’t rob yourself of a chance of a lifetime, because it might not happen again.

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Relationship Goals

What are the Key Aspects of a Successful Relationship?

Good relationships arise when both parties work together as a team. When we are overly critical with our partner, knocking down their self-esteem, it can be very hard to maintain a positive, loving environment - Article by Helen Burt

Power Of Love

 My heart dropped seeing so much love in that church because just us getting there through a snow storm, the bridesmaids and bride having to shovel roads and highways so our cars can go through, all wanting this moment more than Darcy and Brendan will ever know

This one's for you, DP!

First Love

Time passed and I slowly took myself out her life as I knew I was not worth for her. Then one day she contacted me in my phone and asked me how I was doing and let me tell you, it was the best day of my life

I Still Love You

The Phoenix Among Ravens

Passionate Danger

No commitment No engagements. Just two people appreciating the dangers life has to offer. Lets paint our chemistry on canvas...

Ode To The Wrong Girl

Give Me Love

So We Sleep

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He Left...

I haven't seen him since then, and at night I still sneak out to go to the places he took us to. He never loved me back, but that's fine. He let me be with him, be his friend, and thats all I needed.  It's impossible to describe my feelings and every time I think of him, I cry... I  am the way i am because of HIM and I know i'll never change.. I miss him truly

Miracle by Chance

It sure is strange crossing one another's paths some 15 years ago—and now, being together in a different time in the future, and remembering!

True Love Waits

..Joel was and still is the love of my life, our timing was just off by about 45 years. We married on Jan 11, 2011 at 11:00 am and yes, true love waits!

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20 Out Of 730 (Summer Love)

...It amazes me to think that even though we've seen each other only for 20 days out of 730 and only talked face to face for 11, I love him with all my heart and think about him every day...

Lingering Thoughts

Always & Forever

Forget my dream girl, Jenny is real...We try to see each other through the only time we have and make the most out of it. We may be young, but we do know what love is. Who said it had an age limit?

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A Life Changing Story (Part 1)

I hugged the teddy Jayden gave me from last week and laid in bed, blanket on top of my head.
He told me, whenever he’s not with me… pretend he is the teddy bear...

Real Love (Long Distance Romance)

I loved Philip and I still love him... But in 10 days he will return to his country and my life will stop then... My life is my summer and my dream is Philipp. I love him and I know that I will love him forever!!!

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Always There

Love Can Really Hurt

Love kills slowly- those words are known all over the world thanks to a famous clothing brand. But to many of us this means much more than just a logo on a loud t-shirt…

My True Love is My Best Friend

..There was a boy who lived at a different end of the complex that we hung out with when all us kids got together...  He claims that he fell in love with me the instant he saw me, which I think is just adorable:)

Just For Tonight

Ana was a girl who had always dreamed big but had never truly lived big. She was no doubt the most amazing girl there could ever be inside and out, and that's no lie.

"Love Is..." Quotes

"Love is just a word until someone you meet gives it a proper meaning." How can you define Love? Read those "Love Is..." quotes and find out. 

Love And Lust

Love and lust - why is it wise to figure out the difference? Not knowing what you are dealing with can seriously backfire in the long run.

Meaning Of Love

What's the meaning of love? Find out from amazing love stories by our visitors! Share your story with us. We give everyone a chance to proclaim their eternal love, or tell about how they met or simply write about your feelings.

Love And Romance

For most of us love and romance come hand in hand, even in the age of computers and online dating, when romantic love becomes somewhat a rarity. But romance still is a very important part of every relationship.

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