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5 Reasons You Are Single

little_cherubsz_1005 most common excuses people use to explain why they can't find a partner:

1. Nobody is looking for people like me. ( you'll never find out sitting home and watching TV).

2. Being single is my destiny and curse.( you refuse to take responsibility and blame the fate).

3. I am not attractive and pretty. (it's up to you to look good  - that's what beaty salons are here for).

4. I am too boring and shy with new people (don't you have friends that enjoy your company?).

5. I like being single. I don't heed anybody to make me happy ( classic case of sour grapes).
If any of the above applies to you then you are robbing yourself of happines and fun of dating and meetin other people. The real reason that you are still single is that you just haven't met you match yet. Go out and explore, you'd be surprised how much is out there for you. :) Be socially active, be open, give yourself a chance- remember, if you do nothing, you will get nothing back.

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