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He left...

The first and only time I fell in love, I was 11 years old. My brother had just made 2 new friends fro school. One was tall and skinny, the other was tall and not as skinny. My brother wanted me to meet them one day, so I did. They came back at night, and that's when we officialy met. They started coming every night. We would hang out and stuff, along with my sister, just the 5 of us.

We became really close friends. I started having feelings for the skinny one. He was a year older than me. I was in Elementary, 5th grade. He was in middle, 6th grade. I remember the feeling i would get when he came. He would whistle from the distance to let us know he was here. My heart would begin to pound, and every time a huge smile spread across my face.

But i never expected to fall for him, maybe its the shallowness that everyone has as a little kid. I thought he was really ugly the first time i saw him, but that wasn't what attracted me. He was a nice boy, troubled, ghetto hood, but he was sweet. He was never ever a jerk, he made me smile every time no matter what.

I loved everything about him. He would always take us out and we would hang out. then he'd smoke some, drink some, but he was never drunk. He was used to it, i guess.
He was always happy, always had a smile on his face, always seemed to be having fun.

Then one day he decided to sell some weed with my brother at school, so they did, or were going to, but there was a snitch who went and told the teachers or whatever, and then they got caught. My mom had become friends with him too, but after this, she hated him. We weren't allowed to be with him anymore. right then i knew these days would be over. I cant explain what i felt. I didnt even know how strong the love was, not until he moved, atleast.

One day we decided to walk my do wg and we saw him there. He decided to walk us back home, i guess for the last time. But then my dad got home and saw us with him. he got pissed. He yelled at him to stay away from us while we were walking and he was in his car. He went to the other side of the street while we were on the other. Then my dad turnd around in his car so he could come back and park.

That was the only time i ever saw a different face on my boy, other than happiness. These were our last words...*me*-whatd he say...*him*-to stay away from yall. It was the last time i ever met eyes with him. I saw him walking away, sadly, not like usual.

It broke my heart completely. From then on i've never fallen for someone else, and when im about to, i think of him, and its all over just like that. I never thought it would hurt this bad. I rememember him saying he was gonna move. Hhe did, and i didn't find tht out until 3 weeks after.

I havent seen him since then, and at night i still sneak out to go to the places he took us to. He never loved me back, but that's fine. He let me be with him, be his friend, and thats all i needed. He knew i liked him, though, and i was completely okay with that for some reason. It's impossible to describe my feelings and every time i think of him, i cry. He introduced me to alot of things, so i am the way i am because of HIM and i know i'll never change whats inside that he created. I miss him truly.

Its been two years now. I'm 13, still in love. He might go to the high school i'm supposed to go to, so maybe in 1 and a half years i'll see him. but i'm not allowed at the high school, i have to get approved, and they might not approve me at all, because ive gotten excpelled before. Only because somebody snitched,,,its always because of the snitches. I hate them. They are what's causing me to never see him again. So i might not, but the only thing keeping me alive right now is the hope that maybe some day in a few years i will see his face again.



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Poster: Priya; rating:*****
June 10, 2012

Manwhore / Depends. You obviously can't aaltculy post naked pics. But I would for sure post a couple of you flexing and smiling/looking good. You don't want to overdo it but definitely show that side. I wouldn't do any bikini shots that's a turn-off to most girls
Poster: honii; rating:*****
August 22, 2012

how amazing it was. at the yuong age LOVE did actually exist.

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