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Letting Go

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A four letter word meaning nothing but pain
confidence is low heat rising through your veins
hating with a passion love is nothing that you've gained
stop claiming me if your just gonna cause the shame.

Tired of the lies
tired of the lust I see when I'm looking in your eyes
tired of the nights I spend just letting out the cries
tired of the way I love you and I'm the only one that tries.

Done making the effort, it's time for you to do
making this a test to see if you really love me too
I'd do anything to show you that my words are only true
you think I stress for all the wrong, but if you only knew.

Only if you knew the way I feel when we're alone
feeling like your queen and I'm just sitting on my throne
I cherish every moment that you put me in my zone
but I hate the nights I spend not feeling like your own.

Given you a choice
from you there's one thing that I ask
to love me and be certain is your one and only task
days you live being busy or sitting around to bask
are days I hide the face of hate underneath this blissful mask.

The things that I make obvious, clearly things that you can see
you see that I will stand right here and never will I flee
although the anxiety of letting go is weighing down on me
i wish you'd know that for my heart, it's you that holds the key.



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