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lakeside_200Hello everybody,

I would like to share my love story with you.
I am in love with somebody I can't have by my side. I live in Greece and he lives in Germany. His name is Philipp. We fell in love 3 years ago. He comes to Greece every summer with his sister Vanessa (who is my best friend) to visit their grandparents.

I met Philipp through Vanessa. He started loving me the second year we saw each other and he told me about his feelings but I didn't like him...he was only my friend Philipp...a few weeks later I understood that I started falling in love with him and I decided to tell him about my feelings but it was too late because he told me that he likes a friend of mine. So I didn't tell him anything and decided to help him do something with that girl. It was very hard but I didn't care. When he returned to Germany the girl told him that she wanted to break up with him and a few days later he learned about my feelings. I was very happy he found out about that but the distance was a problem.

A week later he had a fling with a girl named Denise. I never understood the reason why...he told me that he was very happy that I loved him but he made this decision  :(
We stopped talking because I didn't want to know anything about him. Months later we started talking again and he had already broken up with Denise. He didn’t love her. Philipp is the kind of guy who doesn't say 'I love you' if he doesn't really mean it and this was the reason he broke up with Denise.

The next summer he came in Greece and I was so happy that I forgot everything he had done to me and I became his girlfriend. We were very happy, we were in love...moreover, he told me that he loves me...the word he couldn't say to other girl.
We were together for 2 months and 11 days until the day he left. When he left I wad sad, heartbroken and I knew from Vanessa that he was in the same mood too.

But a month later he had another affair with a girl named Antonia... When I learned about it I thought that he was a fool, a guy just like the others. I told him that, and even though I hurt him I didn't care.

After 6 whole months we started talking again. He had broken up with Antonia because she wanted to know if Philipp loved her and he couldn't tell her lies. He didn't love her; he was in love with me. When we started talking I decided that I wouldn't have anything with him ever again but it was too hard, too difficult.

This summer he's here and I love him so!!! He loves me too. We don't care about what will happen when he leaves. We live the moment, we love each other and we don't want to leave each other...but the distance...

I know that he will probably go on with his life. It is logical. I will try to do the same but I don't think that I will make it. I didn't go out with anyone else because I couldn't. I loved Philip and I still love him. I hope that someday we will be together; I hope that someday I will live in Germany even though it is impossible.
In 10 days he will return to his country and my life will stop then...

My life is my summer and my dream is Philipp. I love him and I know that I will love him FOREVER!!!


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Poster: Haitham; rating:*****
August 19, 2011

I which I could have some one like u in my life ... I did in the past but i wasted it .. now some years later I know that I wasted few chances to be so deeply in love .. i searched and searched for her and never could find her again .. I hope the end for you and Philip will bring you together one day. but if it didnt know that he will miss you ...
Poster: Artika; rating:*****
August 25, 2011

U knw u hv a vry heart touchng story gal bt itz semz lke u r rili in love wid him so im wshing u luck n pray 2 my krishna so that u n he cn get together 4ever n get in 2 a relation which cn never be broken by ay1 not evn u 2...........tkcr n all the best friendoooo.
Poster: Michael; rating:*****
September 4, 2011

Beautiful. I am a Marine and I know how hard it is to be away but at the same time I like the way it hurts because that shows me how much I truly love my one true love Madison. Her mother hates me because she is young and she believes I will take her away from her school. But all I want to do is support her with everything I have. Ive saved up for two years and have enough for us to live on for a year without a job. I guess what im trying to say is its amazing how you will do everything you possibly can to be with your true love. Not many people would put up with a controlling mother but if it means I will be with her forever that is all that matters to me. Keep in there. I would do the same thing. I miss her so and if she does leave me I will always love her and wish her the best. She deserves the best. I miss her so.
Poster: Inesa; rating:*****
May 13, 2012

Your so lucky that you can meet him. I also have a long distance relationship... But right now i can't go to his country (China) and he can't come to my country (lithuania). Everyday were just talking on Skype. Some days he has to work. And i can't see his face, just photo in my telephone. I so missing him. every day he says that he misses me, that he loves me, that he ants to be next to me... So i envy you that you can meet him, even if it's for just summer :)

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