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Sting And Trudie - If It's Broken - Fix It!

sting_trudie_styler_200Sting (real name Gordon Sumner) and Trudie Styler are one of the most famous and long-lasting celebrity couples. They’ve been together for so long (about 30 years) that it’s hard to imagine one without the other.
Even though their careers demand that they spend so much time apart, they seem to have found the key to eternal happiness. Sting and Trudie could be called an example of a perfect marriage if not for the fact that it didn’t start out right.

francestomeltyIn fact, Trudie (b. 1954) was a minor TV actress after training at Bristol Old Vic theatre school and joining Royal Shakespeare Company - probably the most famous classical theatre company in the world- when she met Sting (b. 1951) in 1982. They both recall, that was a “love at first sight” and Trudie felt overwhelmed. The only obstacle was Sting’s then-wife and the mother of his first son Joseph Sumner (b. 1976) – Frances Tomelty (b. 1948)

Frances and StingFrances Tomelty and Sting first met in 1974 on the set of Rock Nativity. Frances played the role of Virgin Mary and Sting performed the soundtrack with the band Last Exit. Two years later, on May 1, 1976, they married in a Catholic ceremony held at Our Lady and St. Oswin's Chapel in Tynemouth.  At the moment, Frances was 3 months pregnant.  Sting later mentioned that her pregnancy was the only reason for marriage and once called their relationship a “horror”.

It’s really hard to judge since Sting and Frances never discussed it in public, giving absolutely no information. But the fact is that Frances and Trudie were cast together in a stage production of Shakespeare's Macbeth and that’s how Trudie met Sting. They began seeing each other in 1981 while he was still married to Frances, who finally separated from Sting in 1982, soon after birth of Frances and Sting’s second child, Fuchsia Katherine (Kate) Sumner.
As time went by, his decision proved to be right. Trudie turned out to be his true friend and soulmate.

sting-wife-trudie-stylerThey spend as much time as they can doing things together and share each other’s interest. Their social and personal life is in perfect balance. Says the singer: "Socially I'm loath to go anywhere without Trudie. I don't like to go to a party without her. I don't want to do much at all without her. I certainly don't want to have a sexual adventure without her. If you have an affair with somebody, it means you exclude your best friend."
The only thing, though - don’t take your partner for granted. Sting once said that Styler could probably leave him for another man - if she could find someone to top him. "He'd have to be very rich and very handsome."

To put al rumors to rest, high-profile couple famously wed in  summer of 1992. The ceremony took place at an 11th century chapel in Wiltshire, England and remains one of the most famous weddings ever.

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