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Poems About Love

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet" - and that's exactly what happens.

jgs_hugsandkisseszz_90_01If there was no love, the whole genre of poetry, probably, wouldn't even exist.

"If I knew how to write a song,
I'd write one every day.
It would say that i am in love with you,
And why I feel this way..." - read the whole poem

Love is not a feeling, it's more of a state of mind and it can be a great inspiration to those who thought they could never in their life rhyme words.

Love sure changes everything and it can transform anyone into a poet it's just some of them are better than the others. But to those they love it doesn't matter - it just makes them feel special and the relationship - more romantic. Submit your poem - it's free!

"Into my world
Of darkness and silence
You brought light and music

When you lit my candle,
I began to see and understand
The taste and texture of love. For the first time..." (John Irvine)

So if you want to write about love - feel free to share it with us, for more inspiration, read Famous Love Poems or you can share your favorite love poems with us as well!

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