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The Girl Who Thought She was Loved

I thought I'd be loved by him. I thought he cared for me. I thought he was compassionate. But no! He was malicious, cruel...  I thought I had changed him. But no. . 

First Love

Time passed and I slowly took myself out her life as I knew I was not worth for her. Then one day she contacted me in my phone and asked me how I was doing and let me tell you, it was the best day of my life

The Irony of Love

We've been apart for a month and a week now. I would say that I am better now but at some point I still remember him and still get really sad. I mean we never really had a proper break up. Isn't it ironic to love someone so much and just leave?

Kill Me Now


I've loved him since I was a little girl. He's my best friends older brother, what's more fairytale then that? ..Unfortunately, this fairytale doesn't have a happy ending.


Such Is Life

 I lost her, and she's never coming back.. why this heartbreak if she wasn't right for me? Maybe she was and I just messed it up... Such is life..

My Blessing and My Curse

He Left...

I haven't seen him since then, and at night I still sneak out to go to the places he took us to. He never loved me back, but that's fine. He let me be with him, be his friend, and thats all I needed.  It's impossible to describe my feelings and every time I think of him, I cry... I  am the way i am because of HIM and I know i'll never change.. I miss him truly

Every Story Has A Beginning

Every love story has a beginning...Wonderful summer morning, birds are singing, sun is shining- beautiful day. I am happy and i want to share it with the world!

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Two-Time Is No Charm

True story about love gone wrong. Sometimes we can't think of possible consequences of our actions.

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Long Distance + Guys = Error?

Living apart can either strengthen a relationship or completely destroy it. Who is to blame?

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Sad Story, Good Guy..

When it comes to love stories I always remember one that still makes me feel sad when I think about it. Even now, many years later I don’t have an answer “why”.

Love That Was Not

That's the true story about the girl who nearly broke my heart

What You Wished For..

The love story i would like to tell you goes back to my school years. It may sound weird but i never shared it with anyone, i was afraid that they wouldn't believe me.

She Was Amazing

We were 16...she was my first love and that will never change, she was amazing and still is...with someone else :(

Sad Love Story

Love can happen in any age and it's always beautiful and inspiring. No matter the age, love rules the world. Read this amazing story, join our contest and share your love stories with us.

If It's Meant To Be..

If a man truly loves you, you’re never going to lose him, but if not, you're never going to have him anyway.

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Don't Wanna Be Hurt

I dont have a name for it whatever

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About My First Love..

I met my first serious boyfriend right after i turned 17. The moment i saw him i said to myself "This is the one". I never forget this.

The Thrill Of First Love.

Contest Winner! I was the first love of my first love. I loved him more than anything. I would have died for him. When I said my love for him was unconditional I really wasn’t lying. I will always love him and care about him.

Afraid To Be Happy

A girl was saying that she was so in love with her boyfriend that she was terrified she might lose him. She was scared she is not good enough, that she won't measure up to him.

Don't Ruin The Good Thing!

Thats not exactly a love story, but i am curious if anyone can relate to it.

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I Dream Of Jeannie

Jeannie and i were complete opposites.
She was my older sister's gorgeous, prettiest, least available, bestest BFF-(before there was anything like a BFF).

First Date

Couple of years ago i worked in a big company. One day they hired a new guy and boy, was he a stud- tall, handsome, smart, physically fit and, believe it or not, single.

No Girl Wants To Be Dumped

Is there any reason to get back with your ex? I knew i had to move on and live my life, but it bothered me that he was now enjoying himself and I had to suffer. I wanted to get back at him so bad that I made up a plan.

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