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Post your fictional short stories for free! If you like to write about love and romance, send us the preview of your story and we'll publish it here. Recently this wonderful story was posted on our site, called “Devils of the Crimson Tear”. It is not exactly the love story that we are used to, but we liked it so much that we decided to publish it so everyone can read it. It’s a bit too big for our short story format, so we will publish it in separate chapters. We hope you’ll have fun and enjoy reading it.

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That 70 Day

This short story is the most wonderful tribute to spring and the new beginning you ever read. It will lift up your spirit for sure.

Just For Tonight

Ana was a girl who had always dreamed big but had never truly lived big. She was no doubt the most amazing girl there could ever be inside and out, and that's no lie.

Hit a Rough Patch

There was once a young couple, teenage in fact, there names were Ginny and Andrew. He was ginger and she was mousy.

The Devils of the Crimson Tear. Part 1.

The Devils of the Crimson Tear. Part 2.

The Devils of the Crimson Tear. Part 3.

The Devils of the Crimson Tear. Part 4.

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