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Passionate Danger

No commitment No engagements. Just two people appreciating the dangers life has to offer. Lets paint our chemistry on canvas...

I Met My Prince

Heartbreaks and Disappointments..

My love life isn't very interesting but only difficult and discouraging. I'm not complaining. Otherwise I have a great life and a bright future ahead of myself and all I'm missing is that special someone.

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A Life Changing Story (Part 1)

I hugged the teddy Jayden gave me from last week and laid in bed, blanket on top of my head.
He told me, whenever he’s not with me… pretend he is the teddy bear...

Real Love (Long Distance Romance)

I loved Philip and I still love him... But in 10 days he will return to his country and my life will stop then... My life is my summer and my dream is Philipp. I love him and I know that I will love him forever!!!

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Your life runs smoothly, just the way it should. But then you unexpectedly meet someone who rocks your world, and your life is yours no more…

Can Men and Women Be Friends Without Sex?

I used to think that men and women can just be friends without having intimate relationships, but my life experience proved me wrong.

Love And Hate

..If you hate more than you love then you are going to live a painful life.

Hold The Line

We want our husbands and wives to be charming and romantic, but sometimes it all can be ruined by a phone call.

Loving You

...Let the world know, if there was ever love:
Mine for you...Peter Winstanley


Marriage Proposal

This love letter is so amazingly funny that you've got to take a look!

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When You Are In Love

How do you know you are in love?
You just know. Certain things in life you don't question. You ARE in love. If you are in doubts, then you are not in love..

Love Spell

Do you know anyone who used magic to save their relationships? Used love spells or voodoo dolls to get their ex back? Here is a true story about a lady whose husband left her for a younger girl.

Need An Idea

My question to all happily married people- Where did you meet your spouse?

Not Your Ordinary Love Story

Love is everywhere  and we got story to prove it!

Truly Endless Love

I dream sometimes that we are together, always were and always will be. And when i wake up, i realize that it was only a dream..

Kids’ Christmas Concert.

It's not exactly a love story, but it still counts. Up with a Christmas spirit!


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