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Want to Meet the Love of Your Life? Travel the World!

 Want to Meet the Love of Your Life? Travel the World!

“In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with” – Charles Schulz

The legendary creator of Snoopy, Charles Schulz, very much hit the nail on the head when he likened relationships to journeys. One of the best things about having a relationship is the ability to discover new things alongside our partner, and if we can do so while travelling, all the better.

If you haven’t met your perfect match however, you can always put the cart before the horse and start traveling – who knows, you may meet the love of your life while shooting the rapids in a raft, walking along the arena of the Colosseum, or marveling at the ancient wonders of Machu Picchu.  Follow these handy tips to ensure your trip is as sociable (and possibly romantic) as it is enlightening:

Book a Singles Package Tour: If you just have a few days to travel, package tours are handy, especially if you have a specific list of landmarks sites you would like to see, and you wish to be accompanied by a guide. Find out about tours and packages for singles; the best thing about this plan is that you can meet people from your own city or area, yet discover new countries or cities alongside them!

If the sparks fly and you click with someone special, you can always see where the road leads you when you get back home.

Single travel tours are on the rise; a 2015 survey by Visa Global surveyed over 13,000 travelers, finding that almost a quarter of all travelers fly solo!

Plan Exciting Adventure Activities: There is something very special about adventure activities such as walking to a volcano in Costa Rica, taking a skiing course on the Alps, or spending an afternoon abseiling in the south of Spain. What these activities have in common, apart from the ability to get your heart racing, is that they involve spending plenty of time with others in a group. Often, a lot of walking is required to get from one natural spot to another, which is the perfect opportunity to get to know other singles embarking on the same adventure with you.

Active holidays also give you a good idea about how much of a team player a prospective partner is, and whether or not they have qualities you admire, such as leadership skills, generosity, etc.

If you plan on carrying out any risky activities (such as sky diving, mountain biking or even swimming with the sharks,) make sure your travel coverage includes your chosen activities, to play on the safe side.

If you prefer to keep it a little more relaxing, consider activities such as a yoga or meditation retreat, which also involves spending many hours together in the Great Outdoors.

Look Around You: If nobody in the group you are travelling sets your passion on fire, be open to finding love where you might not expect it. You might meet someone while waiting for a bus or train, visiting a museum or taking a day trip. Long distance affairs aren’t ideal, despite the popularity of Skype and other video conference facilities, yet sometimes, they are simply meant to be.

If you ever doubted that long distance affairs can work, think about how many couples you know who hail from different countries, yet who somehow seem to have overcome the obstacles of distance to make their romance last.

Download Exciting Travel Apps: Some of the coolest apps for those travelling on their own include Travel Buddies (which connects you up with other travelers with shared interests and itineraries), Party with a local (which will help you find the coolest spots to dine or enjoy a drink in town) or Backpackr (which will let you meet with other backpackers and check out their latest plans and discoveries).

Be flexible: Most of us plan out a schedule so we can catch the main sights and natural landscapes in the cities and countries we are visiting, but try to leave time for social pursuits as well, and be prepared to change your schedule if an interesting party or gathering comes up.

It’s not what you know, but who you know, they say, especially when it comes to building wonderful memories of a trip abroad.

Helen Burt
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