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When You Are In Love

No I aint perfect, nothing you'd expect.
But I sure can't complain no matter how much the pain.
Im in love with this boy. Yeah you could say he makes me jump for joy.
I can't explain these feelings, they got my runnin' on the ceiling.

I smile, I laugh, I cry, I often catch myself asking "why?".
I can't hide from my emotions any longer, I want to be stronger.
I will stand with my head held high even if it's to that last goodbye.
Yeah, you'll never understand how a girl like me crashed into your hand.
You promised me and you almost set me free. You see the tears yet your mind is still clear.

It's hard to keep holding on when I feel like everything is gone.
I see you laugh and I tell myself "Yeah that's my better half".
You know I'll always love you even if everything falls through.
Because that's what you do, when you are in love with someone as great as you.



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